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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Earn Money From Paid Online Surveys - Real Or A Scam?

Like most people I am sure that you must be looking for a
way to earn money and work from home. I think that the real
reason is that most people seem to hate their jobs and are
constantly looking for a way out.

Paid online surveys are a very quick and easy way to earn
some extra money. However people often ask these questions?

1) How much money can you make?

Many of these survey sites that hold a large database of
surveys that you can use are very misleading with their
advertising. They build the expectation that you can earn a
lot of money. Realistically speaking the average person
will be able to earn about $300 per month using surveys.
However, if you are really good at collecting and managing
those surveys you can probably get this figure up to five
hundred or a thousand dollars. Your profile will also
determine your income as for some surveys you will need to
fit a certain type of profile.

2) Are surveys a scam?

Paid surveys are definitely not a scam. It is a very
legitimate way that you can earn money. There are free
databases that list all the different surveys.
Alternatively you can buy a database of paid surveys using
a site that markets them. These are usually marketed
through Clickbank.

3) Do you fit the profile to get paid for surveys?

Usually you need to be over eighteen years of age to be
eligible for participating in surveys. Some surveys may
require you to be in a certain country.

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