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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Earn Money By Reading Emails

It is a fact that everybody wants to earn extra income. This is because most of us have families to support and bills to pay. On top of our responsibilities are the dreams we want to achieve. Be it a house, a dream vacation or a luxury car, dreams are valid reasons to aspire to earn extra money.

Now that we are in the information age, it has become much easier for individuals to look for extra sources of income. The Internet is a treasure trove of resources and in formation on how to earn extra money.

There are basically two ways to earn extra income one is by looking for a second or third job and other is by looking for business opportunities. Whichever way you choose, you must be careful in choosing your options. This is many of the opportunities out there, be it in the real world or in the Internet, is simply not true. In other words, they are scams.

So before you invest time, effort and hard earned money into any endeavor, make sure that the source is valid and legitimate. To be able to do this, you must do some research by asking around or by cross-checking the sources on the Internet.

There are of course some already proven ways to earn money on the Internet. One of the easiest way to earn money from the Internet is by reading emails. This online money-making scheme has been around for the longest time already. This is also one of the most popular since it is very easy to do. All you need to do to get started in doing this work is to have your own email address. In this day and age, almost everyone has an email address. For those who do not, they can easily sign up for one at one of the free email services like Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail.

The mechanics involved in getting paid to read emails is very easy. There are online advertisers that provide commissions to the companies that assign the paid emails. An individual who receives a paid email well get paid when he clicks on the link or visits the websites of the advertiser.

The earnings for paid emails are not that big. One can earn between $0.01 to $1.00 for every paid email that he or she reads. Most paid companies also have a payout minimum. This means that they pay the email reader only after he or she has reached a certain amount of emails.

An individual can earn more from paid emails through referral or affiliate programs. When you become an affiliate you can already invite other individuals to join their program and get paid in return. The more individuals you are able to invite, the higher your income will be. This is because you will get a percentage of the earnings of the individuals you invited.

Joining affiliate programs is one of the most popular ways to make money online. Affiliate marketers earn between $23,000 to $25,000 every year. And that is only for the newbie affiliate marketer.

If you want to earn serious money from paid email programs, then you must at least be able to invite several hundreds individuals. This is actually quite easy. All you need is the time and patience to send emails to thousands of people.

By: Mario P. Churchill

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115 Ways To Earn Money With Your Computer

Here is a list of ideas for your reference if you want to use your own PC to earn income.

1. Provide computer-based office management services for attorneys

2. Do word processing

3. Do medical billing for doctors

4. Do automated telemarketing

5. Manage a church

6. Start a computer user's group

7. Learn to win at blackjack

8. Bet on horse races

9. Bet on pro football

10. Sell computers from your home

11. Provide medical information management

12. Broker information

13. Trade stock by computer

14. Provide astrological services

15. Offer an interactive electronic newsletter

16. Produce book indexes

17. Provide a computer-assisted booking service

18. Make stock market investment decisions

19. Do genealogical research

20. Manage a band

21. Manage a house or pet sitting service

22. Track precious gems

23. Sell information to collectors

24. Analyze real estate investments

25. Support a small law practice

26. Write a book

27. Market collectables

28. Do psychological counseling

29. Prepare income tax returns

30. Provide economic consulting

31. Solve real estate financing problems

32. Do data base research

33. Publish your own book

34. Design your own small business system

35. Crop management

36. Analyze farm expenses

37. Provide weekly printout of bowling league statistics

38. Make computer-generated portraits

39. Manage investment shelters

40. Manage construction costs

41. Produce computer utility products

42. Provide computer-aided financial planning

43. Sell life insurance

44. Support a small publishing business

45. Provide weekly printout of little league Baseball statistics

46. Run a small pharmacy

47. Become a computer dealer

48. Interpret physical therapy test results

49. Manage a restaurant

50. Start your own yellow pages

51. Conduct computer-assisted telephone interviewing

52. Stream-line executive search activities

53. Provide agricultural commodities planning

54. Turn financial statements into financial pictures

55. Manage a museum collection

56. Support consumer education programs

57. Do freelance technical writing

58. Do multi-level direct mail marketing

59. Review specialty software

60. Be an engineering consultant

61. Provide sports information services

62. Produce products for hobbyists

63. Provide specialty-focused software services

64. Run a multi-level, direct sales operation

65. Do litigation management

66. Manage a dairy farm

67. Provided automated debt collection

68. Provide date-base installation and instruction

69. Run a beauty school/beauty salon

70. Improve small business services

71. Broker used computers!

72. Telecommute

73. Enhance medical diagnosis and treatments

74. Create electronic marketing tools

75. Do independent software documentation

76. Teach people how to use microcomputers

77. Become your own computer book publisher

78. Create computer-generated puzzles and word games

79. Become a software consultant

80. Produce low-cost computer graphics products

81. Develop software for children

82. Perform real estate inspections

83. Do software translations

84. Produced a computer-controlled home security system

85. Automate conference registration

86. Create computer gifts

87. Enhance scientific products

88. Write software for use in the home

89. Manage a winery

90. Design and produce personal computer hardware or peripherals

91. Design, publish and distribute software

92. Provide information vending machines

93. Start a software writing cooperative

94. Develop small scale real estate partnerships

95. Do property management

96. Do mortgage loan brokerage

97. Perform non-judicial foreclosures

98. Develop mini-warehouse storage facilities

99. Sell instant signs

100. Start an advertising agency

101. Start a resume service.

102. Manage a talent agency

103. Operate a referral service

104. Operating a mailing list service

105. Operate a typesetting service

106. Offer a legal forms service for the general public

107. Publish your own newsletter or help others for a fee

108. Operate a voice mail service

109. Start your own local classified newspaper

110. Provide a collection letter service

111. Offer a custom diet plan service

112. Start your own local real estate newspaper

113. Start an apartment rental newspaper

114. Provide a payroll service

115. Start a singles dating service

You can get more ideas with a number brainstorming tools located at

Truly, your PC and Internet give you more opportunities to earn incomes during spare time.

Julia Tang publishes Smart Online Business Tips, a fresh
and informative newsletter dedicated to supporting people
like you! To find out the best online business opportunities,
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By: Julia Tang

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

3 Ways To Earn Money With Free Internet Marketing

There are many ways to use free internet marketing to
make money.

The problem is, there are also many ways that simply
do not work.

Let's take a look at the best ways to make money with
free internet marketing.

Way #1 - Using a blog.

Blogging is very popular and if used properly can be
a great way to make money.

The easiest way to achieve this is by writing reviews
on products in a particular subject.

You can write up reviews on just about any type of
product but the best products are information style
ebooks, report, seminars, etc.

And the best part about this is, you don't need to
have your own product.

You can find many different types of products at

Basically you can become a reseller.

You then make money for any sales you make by having
your own affiliate link.

Way #2 - Writing and submitting articles.

This is a great way to make money with free internet

You use the same principals as the blog method.

You'll write up and submit 300-500 word articles on
the subject of your chosen product.

The best types of articles to write are "tip" style
or "how-to" style.

You can also write review style articles.

At the end of your article you can place a resource
box where you can put a small ad for the product
you're selling that includes your reseller link.

Then you submit your articles to "article directories"
such as

Try to write and submit atleast one article per day.

Way #3 - Post to forums.

Posting to forums is another great way to make money
with free internet advertising.

There are many different forums to be found on just
about any subject.

Do a search on for your keyword and put
"forum" in the search.

Once you find a few forums on your subject, you can
post questions, answer questions, etc.

At then end of each post, you can put what is called
a "signature file" at then end of your post.

This is where you'll want to put the link to the
product you are a reseller for.

Just be sure to make your posts relevant to the
forum and not an ad for your product.

These are a few of the best methods of using free
internet marketing to make money.

By: Gary Baker

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Link Exchange

A Link exchange is a great way to market your website in a very cost effective manner! You want to generate more hits to your website but need a good source? For one thing you can create a link exchange with other website owners to generate these hits. Why? For one thing, doing this will allow potential customers who may not otherwise find you site to browse through it! Here's a little information.

You can create on your website, a "Link to Us" page where other website owners can link their site to yours. Why allow that? Well, its quite simple. By allowing them to link to you, you can link your site to theirs. This will provide another stream of potential customers. This link exchange can be quite an effective means for marketing your website.

When developing and marketing a website your ultimate goal is to find ways to put your web address out there so people can click on it and be right there where your information, tools, products, or whatever is. Using this type of "Link to Us" link exchange you have to do little work. Other website owners will link their site to yours and that's that. Its pretty much automated.

In the business of websites, finding the most cost effective way to advertise or market your product is key. But, beyond this, doing so in the most time effective way is important as well. Link Exchange is an enormously effective way of achieving both of these scenarios. By linking your site to another is a simple link to the next dimension of customers. Finding these customers is important and getting them cheaply and easily is the ultimate goal.

By: Keith Mallinson

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Friday, July 13, 2007

Internet Online Business Growth

The expansion of internet users and customers indicating significant number year by year. Formal estimation from APJII (Asosiasi Penyelenggara Jasa Internet Indonesia) against of internet users and customers until the end of year 2005 is appropriate as this table below:




























By reference at above conditions it could be conclusion that online business on the internet having huge opportunity and will grows continuously yearly along with internet users and customers expansion.

Besides of above conditions, internet online business growth because some reasons as follows:

- Unlimited region and zone

- No much capital need

- Unlimited time (go on 24 hours a day and 7 days a week)

- Work automatically

- Office room need not must

- Employee need not must (become a boss of yourself)

- No influence on weather, traffic jam and other obstruction

Therefore, so many resources and other potentials on internet which can be exploited become a business field to earn money as well as side business or main business.

If you interest to earn money on internet visit Earn Money From The Internet and get choice as you like.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Earn Extra Cash To View Advertiser Offers

Extra Cash The Easy Way!

With Hits4Pay, it's easy to earn some extra cash visiting and viewing our advertiser's offers and by referring others to our website. You pay absolutely nothing to join as a member, ever.

How Are To Do This?

Since 1998, we have been maintaining one of the largest free membership website that helps our advertisers to gain exposure to their offers quickly by reaching their specific target market.

Tens of thousands of advertisers rely on our capability to reach their targeted consumers in a safe and secure environment. Depending on the rates we charge our advertisers, we share a portion of the revenue generated with our members.

Highest Paying Advertising Program!

Quite simply, Hits4Pay is one of the few companies which pays the highest in the industry. You can earn a monthly check from the efforts of 2 levels. All credits are recorded in real time and can be viewed from your members area 24/7.

1. Signup Reward: Earn $10 in your Hits4Pay account as soon as you signup for a free account.

2. Direct Income: Earn $0.02. Earn $0.02 for each advertiser's email that you read from us.

3. Direct Referral Income (level one): Earn $0.01. Refer us to a few friends and earn $0.01 for each email that they read. You will get credit for your direct referral reading emails.

4. Referral Income: (level two): Earn $0.01. When your direct referrals refer others, you earn $0.01 for them reading the emails we send them.

5. Payout: Any account that has reached the minimum payout of $25.00 or more will be zeroed out on the 1st of every month, and checks mailed out on or before the 15th.

With our compensation plan, your income is leveraged and could add up to a substantial monthly income, just by reading emails from us.

State-Of-The-Art Tracking

Included in each email there is a confirmation link. Click this link once and our advertiser's website will show up. All your earnings and the activities of your referrals are tracked, recorded and reported in real-time.

Get Paid Monthly

Checks are sent directly to your mailing address on the 15th of each month as soon as the balance in your account reaches $25. If your balance does not reach the minimum then your balance will roll over till it does.

A Win-Win-Win Situation!

  1. You Win by reading emails of your choice and getting paid for it up to 3 referral levels.
  2. Our advertisers win by getting more exposure to their websites and offers and reaching their targeted audience.
  3. We win by keeping our affiliates and advertisers happy.

It's Free To Join - Get $10 Sign Up Bonus!

Simply signup and you will begin receiving emails from the category of interest that you choose during signup process. You can choose a minimum of 10 categories and a maximum of 25 categories of interest.

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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

7 Best Ways to Productive Blogging

Blogging has turned out to be one of the most popular activities on the Internet. Blogging cannot only be a way to share your views with the like-minded people but also an excellent source of income if you carry out blogging productively. Here are 7 best ways to productive blogging.

1. The first way to productive blogging is to write a blog on a topic that appeals you. Until the subject interests you, you will not be able to get the best out of you.

2. The second way to productive blogging is to write a blog on the topic that is ‘hot’ in the current arena. This will attract more and more visitors to your blog.

3. The third way to productive blogging is to make your blogs search engine optimized. Make your blog rich in keywords. This will increase traffic to your blog and make your blog profitable for you.

4. The fourth way to make your blog productive is to update your blogs regularly. The search engine spiders list the blogs that are updated regularly.

5. The fifth way is to put links to your web site on your blog. This will help you to use your blog as a source of increasing traffic to your web site too.

6. The sixth way to make your blogs productive is by using the feedbacks and comments on your blog as a source to improve your writings. This will help in increasing the popularity of your blog

7. The seventh way to make your blog profitable for you is by using your blog as a source of list building.

Do you want to learn more about how I do it? I have just completed my brand new guide to generating massive traffic ‘Triple Your Traffic Fast'

Download it free here: Triple Your Traffic Fast

Download a free article marketing guide here: Secrets of Article Writing

Do you want to learn how to build a massive list fast? Click here: Email List Building

By Raymond Nesa

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Email Marketing Software

Email marketing, with its ever-growing complexity and infrastructure, requires perfectly suited software. The right software yields maximum harvest from your email marketing strategy. It also broadens the marketer’s bandwidth.

There are many types of email marketing software that are designed to handle bulk email. As emails are the least responded forms of communication, bulk mailing is needed most of the time. Bulk email marketing is certainly one of the most cost-effective strategies on the Internet as the cost of a single email is minimal. Some software programs are shareware that do not require an initial investment at all. Even though these shareware programs generally don’t have many value-added features that come with paid software packages, for a small email marketing campaign they are more than enough.

For an effective management of an email marketing campaign, the email marketing software packages must have some basic features such as templates, a tracking system and list management capabilities. A good software package handles both plain text and HTML messages. A tracking feature is essential to find out whether the marketing messages draw results. Most standard email software tells you whether or not email messages sent to the clientele are being read. This results in better management of an email marketing campaign. Another essential feature of the email marketing software is its ability to manipulate mailing lists.

Before buying software for email marketing, look at the various features of the software, as well as its cost. Another point to be considered is the compatibility of the software with the hardware you are using.

Email Marketing provides detailed information on Email Marketing, Email Marketing Software, Email Marketing Tools, Bulk Email Marketing and more. Email Marketing is affiliated with Email Advertising Ideas.

By Damian Sofsian

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10 Steps To Increase Your Google PR

There is no secret behind the success you can have by increasing your Google pr, but the true secret is how you can do so. There is an array of different ways you can increase your Google pr, but persistence and using a combination of several methods will help you climb up the search engine and increase your pr faster. So, here’s how to increase your Google pr.

1. Link exchange

If you link to other sites that are similar to yours, your Google pr will rise because of the multiple links you have pointing back at your site. If you link to sites unrelated to yours, Google will penalize you.

2. Content

The kind of content you produce goes a long way. If you can offer fresh and enticing content to your readers, more than likely you will get a frequent return base to see what else you have to offer, which Google loves.

3. Forums

Posting in forums is a great way to spread your knowledge across the Web and advertise your products and business at the same time. A lot of forums allow signatures where you can link your site and refer people to it, which in turn will generate more traffic and increase your Google pr.

4. Blogs

Having a blog associated with your website is almost essential today. How to increase your Google pr from blogs is by consistently posting new ideas and thoughts every day, offering advice and answering questions, and obviously promoting your business.

5. Article writing

Article writing is one of the best ways out there to increase your Google pr. You have the ability to spread your knowledge, use keyword optimization, submit the article to thousands of article directories, and spread your website link through the resource box.

6. Write reviews

As crazy as it may sound, your Google pr can and will go up if you write reviews on anything. Whether it is on movies, books or sports games, the key is subtly placing the link to your website in it.

7. Affiliate programs

Affiliate programs can increase your Google pr, but it can also hurt it as well. It is vital that you join a successful affiliate program that correlates with your website; otherwise you will see your Google pr drop.

8. Free

All you have to do is put up the word free and people are immediately interested. By sending a free e-book out through an auto-responder or free articles for a week, you will generate a high volume of traffic just to receive the FREE item.

9. Newsletter

A newsletter is a great way to increase your Google pr because it keeps visitors involved and continuously keeps them up to date with what is going on in your business.

10. Keyword optimization

Keyword optimization is about the most difficult way to increase your Google pr, but it can potentially raise it the most. By targeting specific keywords throughout your entire website and in all of your content and articles, you will slowly rise to the top of the search engines.

By: Tom Dahne

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Monday, July 9, 2007

How To Start An Internet Business But Do Not Know How?

My problem too . . . until I decided to do something about it!

Over the past years, I have dedicated my time to learning what works online, finding the successful internet marketing experts that provide the best money making products.

Most people want and need help to succeed with their internet business online or their affiliate marketing program, but do not know the essential things to look for and where to look.

Essential things to look for:

1. What types of advertising work best.
2. What type of advertising works FAST!
3. How to get Google to send people to your website.
4. Which search engines will send you free traffic.
5. How you can sell top products today.
6. Reviews of the top traffic generating products.
7. What to avoid when doing business online.
8. Articles jam packed with tips and information a person needs to make money online.

Marketing tools offered by the successful experts for their affiliates of their programs include:

A product review page. When a person can copy and paste the program to a file, with an affiliate ID number embedded in the copy, this makes for easy page building on a persons web site.

Text Links. A must, if the program offers none, pass on it.

Banner Ads. Also a must. I select the banners that are not animated. My belief, animation detracts the visitors attention from focusing on the page message. My opinion.

Email Copy. When using an autoresponder, this makes setting up a series of follow ups much easier.

Classified Ads copy. Much like email copy, possibly 4 or 5 lines to conform to classified ad sites.

Solo ads copy. Similar to a products review page. Keep to about 400 to 500 words.

NOTE: When a person discovers affiliate program with all of these marketing tools, that person hit a gold mine. Do not become discouraged, I know a few experts, with money making programs, offering many of these tools.

Many people today suffer from two things. These things, when combined, are almost always FATAL to their
success. They are:

1. Too little time to do deep research. A fact, it takes TIME and MONEY to learn what works online.

2. Falling prey to slick sales letters. Suffering from INFORMATION OVERLOAD?

Think about this.

Our parents can not teach us to succeed online...
Universities can not teach us about the Internet...
Experience does not prepare us for being online...

The answer? Go to the Experts. People who can help you succeed. People that mentor internet marketers.

Why learn from the experts? Saves a person time and money! The experts have the, How to Start an Online Business, figured out. My advice is to go with the proven leaders. The ones with 5 years or more experience online.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Alan Grundemeier helps people succeed in their
online business by showing them the where to find successful online
programs and the experts who run them. Techniques that work in the
real world.

Discover how Alan can help you succeed online at

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