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Monday, January 14, 2008

Money Making Affiliate Programs

An affiliate program provides a financial incentive to those who run their own websites to encourage traffic to visit an advertiser's website. Some webmasters receive money simply for driving traffic to a site while others pay webmasters only if they sell more products or services as a result of the extra traffic.

SFI stands for "strong future international" and affiliate programs of this sort are a step above the affiliate programs that first got their start when the Internet was only a few years old. The SFI affiliate programs are geared towards teaching novice webmasters everything they need to know, in a logical step by step format, in order that the webmaster can begin making money over the Internet from a variety of affiliate programs and in particular do this all for free. So far SFI seems to be fulfilling its purpose as more and more people are jumping on the SFI bandwagon and choosing to involve themselves with affiliate programs.

There are many types of affiliate programs available on the Internet but what makes this process even better is to get involved with the Plug in Profit website. The Plug in Profit website provides all the necessary tools to get an affiliate off to an excellent start. Besides SFI, an affiliate is provided with other programs upon signing up with a Plug in Profit website such as Host4Profit, GetResponse, the Internet Marketing Center and Internet Marketing Warriors. Later on Empowerism, Success University and Traffic Swarm were also added.

The Plug in Profit website allows you to start your own business from scratch but provides the web entrepreneur with the necessities such as a domain name which clearly is visible on the website that is created for the brand new affiliate. These websites are easy to develop and easy to maintain and many can be up and running in 24 hours, and in some cases in a shorter period of time then that. Abbreviated to "PIPS", Internet marketing and home-based businesses are thriving due to the inception of this concept in the online marketplace.

All of the products as well as the programs available are free to join and it has never been easier to promote the "PIPS" program as long as you are an enterprising person with a drive to succeed.

Marketing tips are provided to affiliate members who join "PIPS" which makes it easy to start earning money right away as opposed to having to wait for many months to see a dime. These tips will teach you how to recruit new affiliate members and how to grow your business from a small one to that of a large, thriving affiliate network.

SFI is one of the best known, and at a glance seems to be one of most lucrative of legitimate home business opportunities. SFI stands for Six Figure Income because that is what you can earn . SFI is a marketing company that is affiliate based. The owner, Gerry Carson, started his legitimate home business as Carson Marketing, then changed to the more appealing Six Figure Income, or SFI as its known by most.

While SFI does have direct marketing features, those who join and build their own legitimate home business make most of their money through overrides paid when they recruit others to SFI.

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By: Eddie Watkins

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Friday, January 4, 2008

Make Money With Affiliate Programs That Pay Big Bucks

Affiliate programs are a great way to make money online and some can be lucrative, but most have a payment structure that requires big sales in order to make big money. For example, if you are an affiliate for a company that pays a three percent sales commission, sales of $3,000 would generate a commission of $90. It would take almost 34 individual $3,000 sales to earn $3,000 a month in commissions.

It may be better to look for companies that offer a higher commission percentages to their affiliates. Most companies justify the lower commission by pointing out their overhead in inventory, warehousing, mailing costs and the fact they have to keep costs low in order to compete in the market.

On the other hand, a few companies realize that in order to get their affiliates motivated they need to offer a commission structure that attracts the attention of quality people and makes it worth their while to push the sales of their product or service. SFI Marketing is one of those companies. SFI is FREE and they train you in the techniques of network marketing and web site structure to help make you a success.

For those who do not have a personal website, host4profit can help you with their own reseller web hosting services affiliate program. Typically a web host reseller obtains server space at a greatly reduced rate. They then increase the price to a profit margin they believe will keep prices below the competition and are paid the difference. Most web host operators maintain the servers and handle all accounting and billing responsibilities. Most will provide tech support to webmasters, helping them through any technical issues that may occur. The reseller is basically a sales associate who is paid commissions for any web hosting services they've sold.

By: Jamie Kelley

About the Author:

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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

How To Easily And Quickly Earn Money Online

Many people want to know how they can earn money
online so here's how to do it quickly and easily.

First you need something to sell.

The easiest and biggest seller online is information
products in the form of downloadable ebooks.

They don't spoil, break or cost money to aquire and
you don't even need to write your own.

If you can't come up with a topic to write about or
sell then you can find what is called "private label
rights" content.

This is a great way to earn money online.

You actually buy the rights to the information and
then you can rewrite it or sell it as your own and
keep all the profits.

Just do a search on for "private label
rights" and you'll get hundreds of searches to help
you out.

Once you've got your information product put together
you'll want to set up a webpage for it.

This webpage is how you'll earn money online.

Basically your website should be a sales letter that
get's the reader excited enough to purchase your

Most private label rights products come with premade

If they don't, you can go to and find many
people who can help you build a website if you can't
or don't know how.

To quickly and easily earn money online, you can take
your new information product and sell it on ebay.

Ebay is a great way to earn money online and small
fortunes are being made there everyday.

Just list your product in the relevant categories
set a low bid price, and ebay will do the rest.

You can repeat this process with many different types
of information products and constantly earn money online.

Give it a try and watch the results.

Gary Will Show You Real Ways To Make Money On The
Internet That Work, As Well As The Latest Money Making
Ideas, And Hot New Information Products And Services.
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By: Gary Baker

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