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Friday, August 24, 2007

Earn Money: Different Ways to Earn Money Online

Money is not only a need, but also a way to satisfy various desires like travel around the world and visit gambling states like Las Vegas. There are lots and lots of ways to earn money online, some ones better than others. If you can not hire an expert, we will try to tell you in short the best way to do it legally and hence make your dreams something real.

Paid for reading emails is a safety way to earn money online. There are different sites on the web that pay for doing this. These sites will pay you from $ 0.01 US dollars to $ 0.5 US dollars per email. But you can not believe everything. There are some sites that offer $ 1 US dollars to $ 500 US dollars, but they are scams and will not pay you any cent.

Answering online surveys is other way of getting money fast and easy. You will have to fill out surveys that sometimes may be long. There exist survey sites where you have to earn points and then exchange them for cash money. Some survey sites pay $250 per survey, but the tricky thing is that they ask you to buy the survey first (absolutely not recommended).

Other way to earn money online is to sell things on Ebay. A lot of people do this, because is the easiest way to earn money online forgetting problems associated to if the site is believable or not. But how I said, a lot of people are doing it right now, so there are a lot of competitors playing the game. Your challenge is to do something a little bit different.

Affiliate to different sites is other way to earn money online (affiliate programs). Some web sites need to be seen by thousand of people because they will earn for that concept in the future. This system of making money online will pay per click or per sale.

However, remember the golden rule: stay away from high payouts unless there are proofs that they pay, otherwise you will loose time and time is money.

In short, if you are not making money, you are loosing money.

By: Hector Milla

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Monday, August 13, 2007

7 Best Ways to Productive Blogging

Blogging has turned out to be one of the most popular activities on the Internet. Blogging cannot only be a way to share your views with the like-minded people but also an excellent source of income if you carry out blogging productively. Here are 7 best ways to productive blogging.

1. The first way to productive blogging is to write a blog on a topic that appeals you. Until the subject interests you, you will not be able to get the best out of you.

2. The second way to productive blogging is to write a blog on the topic that is ‘hot’ in the current arena. This will attract more and more visitors to your blog.

3. The third way to productive blogging is to make your blogs search engine optimized. Make your blog rich in keywords. This will increase traffic to your blog and make your blog profitable for you.

4. The fourth way to make your blog productive is to update your blogs regularly. The search engine spiders list the blogs that are updated regularly.

5. The fifth way is to put links to your web site on your blog. This will help you to use your blog as a source of increasing traffic to your web site too.

6. The sixth way to make your blogs productive is by using the feedbacks and comments on your blog as a source to improve your writings. This will help in increasing the popularity of your blog

7. The seventh way to make your blog profitable for you is by using your blog as a source of list building.

Do you want to learn more about how I do it? I have just completed my brand new guide to generating massive traffic ‘Triple Your Traffic Fast'

Download it free here: Triple Your Traffic Fast

Download a free article marketing guide here: Secrets of Article Writing

Do you want to learn how to build a massive list fast? Click here: Email List Building

By: Raymond Nesa

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Monday, August 6, 2007

How to Make Money With Home Based Business

Website- If you have a website, you can start a home based business today. You can always get traffic to your website. You can use the traffic to earn money. You can sell them something or you can direct them to other businesses.

Advertise other’s products- You can advertise other’s products on your website or you can sell the space for money to the advertisers. If your website is popular you will more money.

Sell online- You can sell online products and services. There are different ways through which you can sell the products and services online.

Auction - You can create an online auction site for the customers. It will also make you rich if you can make it popular.

Advertise- You can make money with home based business through advertising. You have to advertise for your home-based business. Business will make it familiar to the targeted customers. You will be able to get more customers for your home based business through advertising.

Affiliate Marketing - In a targeted home based business you can make money with affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing will help you to earn from your website, blog or forum. You will be able to put the affiliate links on the pages and when visitors click them, you will earn commission.

Network marketing- Network marketing is another good home based business to make money. You can earn unlimited money from network marketing. You will be able to earn residual income and passive income from this targeted home based business.

By: Mark Fortimer

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Online Money Making How To Earn 1000 Plus Dollars Online

You must be wondering how to earn money like big bucks likes $1000 plus in internet. The truth matter is it’s possible but takes lot of time to do it. I am going to show the ways of money making online, read full article and discover the secrets.

Here are ways to earn money,

1. Sell goods of other people to earn money, visit and register as an affiliate to earn money by selling their goods

2. Once registered, develop your own website to earn money and get high ranking in search engine for a keyword of your choice.

3. Or register at clickbank as a product owner and get affiliates to promote your product to earn money.

4. Sign up for a google adsense account at and advertise on your website

5. Optimize your website for a fairly competitive keyword for a given search engine to make money faster.

6. Some web sites provide you with surveys to earn money but not effective as above.

I’ll be honest with you, there are many ways to make money online, but not all of them easy and for a beginner. However, there may be many aimed directly at the novice computer user. Services that set up a website for you, specifically for making money online.

I have also made an Internet web site page, I advise you check this out, and see what ways you can make money online. I wish you all the best in making money online, good luck.

by: Ashly David

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Get Blog Traffic: Five Easy Ways To Promote Your Blog

Every blogger wants one thing: to be read. My hunch is that of all the millions of bloggers who try blogging, and give it up, most give up because they can't find readers. They feel that if they can't get traffic to their blog, what's the point?

If you're in this position, DON'T give up. Keep blogging. It's easy to get traffic and loyal readers.

Here are five ways to get traffic. All the methods work together, but Method 5 is the most important. The more of these methods you use, the more traffic you will get.

=> Method 1: Maximize the built-in RSS features of your blog

Your blog comes with built-in RSS (Really Simple Syndication). This means that it's easy for others not only to subscribe to your blog, but also to syndicate links to your latest blog postings on their own sites.

You can make your RSS feeds (news feeds) a lot more effective by adding additional functionality to them, for free, at the FeedBurner Web site. FeebBurner will burn your feeds with components which make it easier for other blogs and sites to link to you.

=> Method 2: Get a link from another Web site

The search engine spiders (indexers) navigate around the Web using links. This means that the more links to your site, the easier you make their job. Get at least one link from another site to your new blog. Our next three methods make getting links easy.

=> Method 3: Write a couple of articles

Every Web site and every blog is hungry for content. If you set out to deliver content, you can't go wrong. You'll get lots of traffic every day, and the traffic flood will start as soon as you post your first article.

There are many sites which accept articles. Webmasters search these sites looking for content for their sites. Aim to write at least an article a week to build the links to your blog.

=> Method 4: Leave comments on others' blogs

A blog is a conversation. If you agree with an item on someone's blog, or have an additional insight, leave a comment. Since commenters are asked to leave a Web URL, and their email address, this gives you a link back to your site. Note: this doesn't always work to get you a link, for various reasons, BUT it's still a way for other bloggers to realize that you exist, and perhaps to link to you.

When you leave a comment, make the comment count -- don't just write: "I agree". Write "I agree, because the same thing happened to me when (tell the story here)." All bloggers need content, and when you provide them with content, they will repay you -- usually with a link.

=> Method 5: Blog! The more content, the more visitors

A couple of months ago, I started an experiment to see whether a new blog that I developed could get some traffic, completely on its own. I did nothing to promote the blog, I just wrote content, posting to the blog two times a week.

Would the blog get traffic, I wondered? How much traffic? Amazingly, this little blog that I've done nothing to promote -- other than create content for it -- gets 50 unique visitors a day after a few weeks.

Content is the most vital aspect of blogging -- without regular posting to your blog, there's nothing for your visitors to see or to read. Of course, you don't have to WRITE content. You can create a photo blog, or a podcast (an audio) blog, or even a vlog (a video blog). The more content you create, the more traffic you will get.

Good luck. Try these five methods -- you'll get traffic beyond your dreams before you know it.

Copyright 2006 Angela Booth

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SFI: Home Business Reality

The reality of home business ifs that not everyone makes it. In fact I knew from my research that 95% are bound to fail. I decided I was going to look for something free. I didn’t want to waste my money if the statistics showed that more than likely I would fail. I found SFI it was free to join so I signed up.

When I joined SFI and started as a free member I was skeptical about the reality of home business. I found out that I wouldn't make any money unless I became an EA -meaning you either have to make so much in sales every month or you buy so much every month. Even though I was skeptical about the reality of home business I decided to get my EA status the easy way and buy a $30 membership that would give me EA status every month without having to worry about it.

I was put off by this until I realized that by becoming an EA I locked in my position on the powerline and everyone who joined SFI after me would contribute to my check. The first month isn't much but I calculated it out and within 3 months the SFI powerline will be paying for my EA status without my having to do anything. From there every penny earned on top of that is profit.

For my first month I made $10 with my powerline alone. At this pace the powerline will double every month and within three months the powerline alone will pay for the executive status. With in a year the powerline will actually be making some money, and that is just the POWERLINE which isn't the main money maker with SFI, just a bonus.

The real money maker is your own affiliates; they hold the real money making power.
The one home business reality that I have learned is that you will not get rich overnight contrary to all the ads circulating. It will take time to build and any good business needs investing of time and money. I was willing to invest some money, but not a lot. I thought $30 a month was reasonable and if I could do this for the next year I would see some real profits.

The powerline is just a bonus. The real money comes by referring your own members and if you are really terrible at this there is a co-op that you can join and they will get them for you. Now, the reality of home business with SFI is that the real way to earn money is to get your affiliates to upgrade to EA. Imagine how easy that would be if you tell them that within 3 months their upgrade will pay for itself. How cool is that?!!

Whenever my own affiliates go EA they get this great powerline feature as well as getting the power of their own team earning capabilities. The reality of home business it that it takes time, but with a great company like SFI it is a reality that you can have. Start today and by this time next year you will be taking a nice fat check to the bank and patting yourself on the back.

By: Sara Bilden

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SFI-The Truth Behind SFI's Powerline Report

Each person's Average monthly commission check will ONLY be $9.00 no matter if you have a million affiliates beneath you. Let me explain how:

1: You ONLY earn commission on each Executive Affiliate beneath you, NOT each affiliate. Therefore, you can have a MILLION affiliates beneath you and only 100 might be Executive Affiliates.

2. Next, to maintain Executive Affiliate status you must maintain 10 SVP OR 10 "Sales Volume Points".

3. Let say 100 Executive Affiliates beneath you purchased the Affiliate Mastery course that pays $20.00 CV or commission.

4. Now, its time to pay close attention, read below to see exactly how they arrive at the amount of commission you are paid (SKIP to #5 if you just want to get straight to the point).

"Question: How much can I earn on the affiliates that are being placed under me in the Powerline?

Answer: For every purchase and sale generated by affiliates who are under you in the Powerline, 45% of the total CV (Commission Volume) is put into the Executive Bonus pool. Provided you are an Executive Affiliate, your share of this pool will be the total revenue divided by the number of Executive Affiliates below you in the Powerline. The first month average is typically more than $9.00. As the Powerline under you grows and more and more retail sales are generated each month, this amount can increase. In other words, the bigger SFI gets, the bigger your commission can get. See Comp Plan for more details HERE."

5. Time to break this down in layman's terms, because it can be a tad bit confusing trying to figure out how SFI's Powerline Compensation plan actually works.

The Math Behind The Number:

100 EA's beneath you

Each generating $20.00 commission = 100 times $20.00

Grand Total= $2000.00

Sounds Great, Right???
WRONG, just keep reading.

45% of $2,000, which is the total CV (Commission Volume) goes back into the Executive Bonus pool.

45% of $2,000 = $900.00 (BIG money for you, Right??? WRONG AGAIN, just keep reading.

This $900.00 must then be spilt amongst all the Executive Affiliates beneath you.

Here is the Best PART, GET READY TO BE Wowed!!!

$900 / 100 = A Whopping $9.00 CV or commission check EACH Month for YOU.

(This will be the amount of your commission check each month, sorry to disappoint all of the expecting millionaires)

There you have it, the Truth behind the SFI Powerline.

Unfortunately, the bottom line never changes no matter how many Executive Affiliates you have beneath you because the Executive Bonus pool is always being split equally. Therefore, since each Executive Affiliate is generating an average commission of $9.00 after the 45% is put into the Executive Bonus pool, each Executive Affiliate's commission check will only be approximately $9.00.

On the Brighter side of things, you can become a millionaire from SFI by recruiting Executive Affiliates and Selling Products.

The old Saying holds true, "Nothing in Life is Free, you must work hard for everything you earn," but in the end the payoff can be great!

TRUTH: The only way to earn SIX Figures a year with SFI and start earning Residual Income is to Recruit Executive Affiliates or sell many of their products.

By: LaShanda Pollard

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Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Blogging - Blog traffic - Increase Search Engine Rank of Your blog!

Starting blog: You can start a blog with your own domain installed as blogging script at your own host. This is what savvy marketers do for their blogs. Other option includes starting blog with Google at both Wordpress and Blogger are free, easy to start with and both have comprehensive tutorials for beginners.

Blog Design: Blog design means the Design, format and structure of your blog. What will be the colors in background, what will be the font color, and font face and how many columns the blog page will have, Will the sidebar at right side or at left side. Just jot down the things you want to have in your blog and choose most suitable Template for your blog. There are so many free templates available to choose from for both Blogger and Wordpress. Otherwise you can hire someone to design a template for you specifically according to your choice and needs.

URL Structure: This should be user friendly as well as search engine friendly. To make any URL user friendly it should be something short and concise but make sense that what will be the page about having this URL. Like /blog-tips.html is best than /article23.php Having URL structure like /post-title.html instead of /post?123 makes search engines and users experience beneficial for them and for your blog.

Blogging: Blogging is logging something everything related to the topic, daily, regularly. This is just as people in the past use to write their diary daily. So a great blog about Traffic Tips is that blog which is updated regularly. So if you want results from your blog. DO blogging i.e. posting very often at the specified topic of your blog.

Categorizing: Categorizing your content increase the search engine ranking and user experience at your blog. So if my blog is about Traffic Tactics, you can have categories Free Traffic, Increase Traffic, Buy Traffic and Targeted Traffic. This help the blog rank high in related topics.

Tagging: Tagging is hot topic now a days, if you want your content/post get great visibility and wide exposure, Tag your content. This can be done with pre-installed plug-in in your blogging script or manually adding for specific Tagging sites. Popular sites include Del-icio-us and

Pinging: Whenever you post something new at your blog, pick a loud speaker and announce to the whole world that your blog has something new! To do this online Ping your blog with any pinging service site. So after you post something new go to or and PING your blog. This is easy and take less time but big benefits.

Linking: Link swapping or link exchanging is a right and legitimate way to increase your search engine ranking. You can ask related bloggers manually for link exchange or you can use specific services to help you find link swapping partners. Two famous sites specially for bloggers are and . To get maximum benefit from link swapping, only exchange links with related bloggers and do not link to the sites or blogs which are using Blackhat SEO tricks.

Directories: Submit your blog to blog directories and niche directories. This will help your blog in two ways, firstly you will get direct traffic from there, and secondly your blog will have one another permanent link there. Which will boost your search engine ranking and you can expect more free traffic from search engines.

Search Engines: In the above lines I have discussed many tips to boost your search engine ranking. But what if your blog is new and have not yet spidered or indexed by any big search engine like msn yahoo or google. So you want to add your website in Google’s database fast? Here is a million dollar tip but free for you, to get indexed new blog in Google within a day or two. To do this, go to and post a free ad with the link of your blog. This site is PR8 and your will get indexed ASAP. But use the site legitimately and with good faith according to their rules. Do not abuse or spam this site otherwise you will be wasting your time with no success.

Now your site is in Search engines databases, now it’s your duty to do blogging regularly, posting new content, tagging, pinging, and sticking to the main topic. If you keep doing this, you will be getting your blog organically growing and getting traffic in truckloads, happy blogging and happy free traffic!

By: Mohsin Rasool

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Quick Blogging - 5 Ways To Make More Profit With Blogging

There are a lot of people these days that have discovered the joys of blogging. They love to write their opinion and share information, and they love the fact that others read it. There are also an increasing number of bloggers who have discovered that they can make money on their blogs. If you have a blog or want to start one, here are 5 ways to make a quick blogging profit.

1. The first step that every beginning blogger should take is to sell advertising. This is the most common way to make income. For lesser known blogs, Google Adsense or BlogAds provide advertising programs. These programs pay you on how many clicks to the advertisers they generate.

2. Affiliate programs. These allow your blog to connect your readers with other sites that offer goods and services. Bloggers are usually paid based on purchases made.

3. Another option to make quick blogging money is to solicit contributions. Basically, this means asking your readers to support your blog. Paypal is often the easiest way to arrange such transactions.

4. For those who discuss topics that relate to their business, blogs offer a great opportunity to market your own services. The best way to do that is working in quick blogging references to what you do and the service or goods you offer.

5. Blogs can also be used to expand on current customer relationships. They can inform readers on what your business offers and help them determine how you can help them.

There are more ways to make a quick blogging profit, but these are tried and true.

By: Sean Ray

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Earn Money Online

The world where we live in has paved the way for the rise in online marketing. The usual visits to the grocery and department stores for shopping have been eliminated for quite some time due to the influx of online bazaars. The Web houses varied companies that specialize in businesses ranging from beauty products to home tools to auto parts.

Money makes the world go round, as they say. Who does not need money anyway? You cannot survive without money, that’s for sure. There are, however, a lot of ways to penetrate the online industry and earn money from it. They honestly do not require tons of laborious work from you, but the underlying philosophy is about creating more outputs to be able to earn more money.

Ways to Earn Money Online

Interested in marketing your company’s products via the web? Then you can start creating your website. Selling your craft to those who are interested is one sure way of earning money online. You can also choose to purchase for sale websites, revamp them, and even double the price of the products on sale. With this, you get a handsome profit. If you think the website you bought from another Web site isn’t working out fine, then you can simply resell it and gain your desired profit.

You can tie up with some online business firms and work on the ads for them. Doing so not only enables you to reap huge profits but also enhances your writing and communication skills.

Hire out your talent through freelance jobs. Do you have proficiency in writing? Then create articles, contents, and blogs for certain products and specific websites. Do you have the skills for web designing? Then go for it! Payments are typically rendered after every submission.

The Advantage of Earning Money Online

You can enhance your skills and hone your craft by earning money online. The Web has a lot of opportunities in store for you. You simply have to browse related Web sites for a list of online jobs. What’s more, online jobs allow you to work from the comfort of your own home and at your own convenience.

By: Jason Gluckman

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Earn Money Writing

Money is a necessity and everyone would love to have the satisfaction of earning on their own. Writing is considered one of the best ways to earn money from home. A number of writers freelance for magazines and newspapers but the Internet has changed the writing scenario. The Internet has opened up tremendous opportunities for writers to earn a good part-time income from home. Hence, most people today prefer to write for various websites, ezines, weblogs and ebooks instead of magazines and newspapers. The best part of earning money through writing is the convenience and ?no pressure? factor. Writers get a chance to earn money at their convenience and without any pressure of deadlines.

Many online companies willingly buy articles from writers who have exceptional knowledge about different subjects such as computers, marketing, investments, savings, cooking, health and so on. It is noted that most of the time; writers do research on these subjects from the Internet to compile their articles. Writers possessing good writing skills can also write on topics that interest them and sell them to various online companies. There are websites that give writers the best opportunities to start earning money through online writing. Signing up is free, and writers can submit their articles on registration forms. Some websites allow the same article r to be sold a number of times to different companies. Others may not offer ?reselling? and writers are paid only when their articles are bought by some other party.

Writing ability and perseverance are the two main qualities required to earn money through writing. After gaining experience from online writing, writers can pursue professional markets such as newspapers and magazines, and can create their fulltime earnings from freelance writing.

By: Jason Gluckman

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