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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Blog Affiliate Secrets

By simply placing the right affiliate links on their high traffic blog, many online entrepreneurs are making some very serious money.

Actually it is a lot simpler than you think because all a blog affiliate has to focus on to start generating a good income from their affiliate program is traffic. The more targeted that traffic arriving at their blog is, the more money they'll make from their affiliate programs. For instance targeted traffic will tend to click much more at the Adsense ads in search of more information and this will obviously put more money in the pockets of the blog affiliate.

The most effective way for a blog affiliate to generate targeted traffic is through articles marketing. By writing a couple of promotional articles, whose objective will be to direct traffic to the blog, a blog affiliate can end up with lots of highly targeted prospects at their blog. However it is important to note that articles marketing is a special skill that you will need to learn. The good news is that once you've acquired the relevant skills and knowledge, there will be no limit to the sort of income that you can earn from your blog.

It is also important that you realize that text affiliate links planted right in the middle of your content will work best to help you maximize on your blog affiliate income.

By: Christopher Kyalo

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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Earn Or Make Online Money, Or Stay Poor? It's Your Choice

It’s a simple question really. But it demands a serious answer. You’d be surprised to learn that most people would answer ‘no’ to the question, “Do you want to earn or make online money?”

It’s actually quite interesting, but I think I’ve come up with a pretty good reason why most people want to stay poor and choose not to earn or make online money after dealing with lots of successful internet entrepreneurs, and failed ones.

The problem is one of desire and belief. The ones that don’t make it don’t believe earning or making online money is possible and believe failure is inevitable. This leads to failure itself or a complete lack of action at all, which of course they would consider to be failure as well.

Successful people operate quite differently. They believe that they can earn or make online money by selling their own products or someone else’s, or from internet marketing and affiliate promotion. They are right because they do earn or make online money from these opportunities. They don’t accept failure; they don’t even believe it exists. Every outcome that does not achieve a goal is seen as a learning experience.

So if you want to earn or make online money, you need to answer yes. You need to understand that people do generate lots of cash and money from the internet and online business opportunities. Just spend a little time researching affiliate marketing and find out how simple it is to get started, and you will be earning or making online money in no time.

Jack Lowry is an online home business entrepreneur who recently developed a free 5-step course on learning how to start your own internet home business. If you are interested in learning more about his free 'Learn To Generate Cash From The Internet' course, please visit his website if you want to earn or make online money.

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Affiliate Marketing: An Online Marketing Strategy

Everybody it seems can make money online. The simplest way perhaps is to make money online through affiliate marketing. If you have a website, you can list other people's websites on yours and become an affiliate, making money online through sales commissions every time someone goes to their site through yours and makes a purchase. You can make anywhere from 5% to 30% by just advertising their link.

Further, affiliate marketing allows you to make money online by earning commissions off sub-affiliates, people you have brought on to be affiliates of the parent company. These two-tiered affiliates may seem like a pyramid scheme, but the point is, it generates a tremendous amount of traffic to your site as well as to your partners' sites, which helps everyone make money online.

The biggest key to making money online through an affiliate program is by generating traffic. You won't make money online, though, by adding numerous links that have nothing to do with you or your product. For example, if you are a web developer, you won't make money online by becoming an affiliate of websites selling fishing equipment. However, you can make money online by becoming an affiliate of web development software. Make money online by linking to bookstores that carry books your clients may be interested in or trade publications and e-zines. As with any business, it all depends on who you market to.

In order to make money online, you need diligence and perseverance. It won't be made overnight, but through continual marketing efforts, you can make money online.

By: Marsh Uele

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

How to Make Money With Your Blog?

Make money blogging is fun: you enjoy blogging and getting money from blogging. As long as "making money with your blog" is concerned, it doesn't matter matter actually whether you enjoy or not. The way generating money from blogging is the same regardless of whether you enjoy blogging or painfully doing.

Let's get to the point.

Every business has the same process. That is, make potential customer come to you and sell your product, service or information.
Paraphrasing it into blogging term, let the readers come to your blog and make them click the link like "Buy now", "Join Now", "Adsense Ads", etc.

We call readers as traffic. And about how many out of your readers click the link refer we as conversion rate. Of course, the higher the conversion rate, the better.

Specifically, make-money blogging follows for steps:

  • Step 1: You blog, if not, start blogging.

  • Step 2: Bring traffic to your blog.

  • Step 3: PREsell with your blog.

    That is, your blog content attract your reader to do some kind of action: buy your own product or go to the link you prepared, for example. But did you notice the word "PREsell"?. That's the most important thing in your make-money blogging plan. Many experienced Internet marketers say that people are not buying anything when you extensively try to sell something. This makes sense if you recall your own experience. Did you buy something when a blogger tried to sell something? Maybe not! Instead, give your readers useful information and create the warm mood by giving them the benefits of product that you have in mind. And then, only then place a link so that your readers click through. This is so called PREsell.

  • Step 4: Monetize: This is your final goal and the monetization has two streams.

    -Sell your own product, service or information, if you have one.

    -For the blogger who don't have their own product, it's still possible to earn money from their blog thanks to the many affiliate programs among which most popular one is "Google Adsense". But it's just one example out of hundred affiliate programs. if not thousand.

In short, make-money-blogging is doing step-by-step action: that is, you blog, bring traffic, PREsell your blog readers and finally monetize. Without bringing traffic and achieving PREsell, it is not possible to monetize your blog. That's why you need to keep in mind the fact that make-money-blogging is step-by-step action.
Due to the space limitation, I can't explain all the detail. If you want to know more about each step, you can read it from the article, what blog can make money?.

By: Ryen Kim

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Blogging in 2007

Where is Blogging Headed in 2007?

Blogging in 2007 is probably one of the most rapidly changing internet landscapes - blogging is growing at an incredible pace, as beginners realize they really can create a web site without knowledge of html or computer code, and as search engine aficionados realize they can get quickly indexed through some of the blogs.

We’ve only seen the beginning of blogging. More and more companies are using blogging as a personal touch to connect with their customers. One can spend personal time with thousands of customers without physically having to appear in the same room. The response has been overwhelming and has contributed to the success of many companies.

We have only scratched the surface of what blogging can do for businesses and websites alike. I guarantee the results will be mind-boggling. The bottom line: blogging is here to stay in 2007.

Some Dos and Don’ts

- Do experience with different types of blogs. Some have different features that may or may not benefit your website or goals.

- Do trade linkbacks with other blog owners and add your link to blod directories.

- Don’t take blogging for granted. The idea is constantly evolving. Stay on top of it!

- Don’t forget blogging is just one of the many wonderful viral tools and not the sole answer.

If you haven’t tapped into the power of blogging, there is still time! While the idea has been evolving for years, the concept is changing into a powerful viral marketing tool. Hop on the blogger train while you can before the idea becomes an Internet afterthought.

Do you want to learn more about how I do it? I have just completed my brand new guide to article marketing success, ‘Your Article Writing and Promotion Guide‘

Download it free here: Secrets of Article Promotion

Do you want to learn how to build a massive list fast? Click here: Email List Building

By: Sean Ray

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Monday, October 8, 2007

3 Top Ways to Make Money With Blogging

There are several ways to make money with blogging. You can take any of the ways you like. Here the 3 top ways to make money with blogging are-

Advertisement – Get advertisements for your blog. When your blog is popular you will have more visitors to visit it. When your blog is popular and more visitors come to it, companies and brands will come to your blog for advertising. You will be paid more money for advertisements than other blogs or websites. Your chances of getting similar or related advertisements to your blog or blog content are more.

Write reviews – You can write reviews in your blog. Blogging about products, services and companies will get you more money. As they will like to spread the name, so these companies and brands will offer you money for the reviews. You can also write paid reviews for different companies. Write reviews in such a way to create positive impression on the readers. The experienced and popular you are, the better reviews you can write.

Get paid for blogging – You can get paid for blogging on a particular topic or subject. People, organizations need Bloggers fro blogging about their products or services. They hire Bloggers for blogging and creating a buzz about their products and services. This will help in promotion and goodwill creation for the companies. This is a cheap method to let the world know about the products. Blogging will get you periodical money from such companies.

By: Mark Fortimer

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Use Blogging to Create Cash

Want to Use Blogging for Cash, Friends, or Journalling?


First choose your purpose for blogging. If you want to use blogging for cash, you will need to define a purpose for your blog. Determine a topic that appeals to you and to others. Then, include helpful information on the topic in your postings and offer a product that might serve people who are looking for your topic.

If you haven't already been blogging for cash (or any other reason), you may not know how to start a blog. Blogging is easy to do. You can get started fast using a free service that will host your blog for you. All you have to do is sign up and get started following the instructions.

Free Blog Hosting

Get started blogging for FREE at or at Both are easy to use. Just sign up and follow the instructions.

How to Use Blogging for Cash. It’s Easy To Do!

When you get started blogging you can mention specific products or services in your blog postings. If you have a product you like, blogging about the product on your blog can result in people buying the product mentioned.

Just be sure to have an affiliate code through which to link people to the product so you are tracked as the person who sent the customer. The customer pays the same amount as always and the owner of the product gives you a commission from what was earned as a result of your blogging about it. This is an example of affiliate marketing strategy.

By: Janie Jenkins

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Advanced Tips to Make More Money With Online Business

You can make more money with online business. So many online businesses are available today for you.

Make Money Online by Blogging

Blogging can get you more profit online. You can get money by blogging in different way. You can get more people through your popular blog to your website, you can blog for other companies, you can review products for other companies’ products for a fee, and you can add affiliate links to earn money. You can earn unlimited by popularizing your blog and making it a online business.

Make Money with Online Auctions

Online auction is a online business for you. Sell products at online auction sites to earn a profit. Buy an item at low price, sell it at a high price to earn the difference a profit. eBay is a very good example of online auction.

Make Money with Paid Surveys

Many websites and organization pay money for taking part in surveys. Online surveys can get you money in few minutes.

Make Money with Affiliate Programs

Get affiliate links in your website and earn more money online. Online affiliate programs will get you money as commission. You can opt for so many affiliate programs. Choose one that is related to your products and services. You can create a good online business using affiliate programs.

Make Money with ebooks

Write ebooks about different topics and sell them to the people who need it. Publish your ebooks online. All these will get you more money.

Make Money with Web Sites

Make your own website and earn more money. Make money with freelance web designer. A single website can get you money in different ways. You can opt for affiliate marketing using your website, you can sell ad space, you can make more links, you can advertise your products in the website, and you can get your website listed in the search engines and get more traffic to your site, thus making your website a online business place.

Do you want to learn more about how I do it? I have just completed my brand new guide to generating massive traffic ‘Triple Your Traffic Fast'

Download it free here: Triple Your Traffic Fast

Download a free article marketing guide here: Secrets of Article Writing

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Raymond Nesa is an experienced web marketer specializing in article marketing, traffic generation, and list building.

By: Raymond Nesa

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